This is a fountain pen blog  about pens from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990's some ordinary others more expensive reflecting today's prices, good design can found at a reasonable price if you are patient enough with your search. 

I learnt to write with a fountain pen in the 1970’s as teenager in school but the world soon turned digital in the 1980’s & 90’s. In 2014 I began to collect the fountain pens from my youth, fountain pens that I could never afford when they were new & so most of my Yesterdays Pens are second hand with a few NOS (new old stock) fountain pens purchased. My fountain pen collection is not a complete range but just the pens that I like the design of and manufactures that I know, this is my first publishing journey.

All my pens are used on a daily basis as I rotate my every day carry collection every couple of weeks, pens should be used & not collected behind glass cabinets.

Many thanks to Brad Dowdy, Mike Hurley and the Pen Addict podcast for their encouragement in promoting the fountain pen community. 

I hope you enjoy my pens & collections with modern day stationery & inks,

Thank you,