Parker 50 Falcon Pens

The Parker 50 Falcon fountain pen, ballpoint & mechanical pencil was introduced in 1979                                     and  produced until 1982. This fountain pen has a unitary(all in one) nib and body making it distinctive from other nib styles. The fountain pen is 5 inches long and light weight making a useful small pocket pen. The design of the nib and body section is why I like this fountain pen, a sweeping V design in contrast to the brushed metal, this fountain pen looks like a pen from the future. This fountain pen & Concorde have a place in time that is similar, each with a unique design. 

The ballpoint has a similar design at the tip of the pen to the fountain pen. Parkers ballpoints are of a high standard & the action of retracting & uncovering the ballpoint are positive & firm with the Parker ballpoint being able to many different refills. My choice being the Schmidt easy-flow 9000m which just glides across the page.    

Parker 50 mechanical pencil & cartridge..jpg


The Parker Falcon 50 mechanical pencil has the design carried over from the ballpoint and look similar. Parker introduced a pencil cartridge for this model but the pencil lead is of average quality. I will have to find a lead replacement to improve the quality, but for making notes in pencilit is just fine. 


The Parker 50 Falcon pen set is a modern design for the time, the 2 pens & pencil are light weight & robust enough to use every day.

This set is used in my EDC rotation and always attracts attention when used for signing work documents.